Happy New Year!!

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I hope you all have a wonderfull 2014.

It’s 2014 here in Holland now for more than 1 hour and it still feels the same as 2013…

Check past the cut for pictures and vids will be added later.




(apparently I deleted most my pics so this is one of the few pics I have left, random firework thing)


(this is a really blurry picture of the giant christmass tree in my city. The tower that does all the stuff with TV stations and shit is usually decorated with lights every year…. this is just the top of it. It is the largest christmass tree in the world apparently.)



That is it for now, I hope you all have an amazing 2014, will add vids later when I upload them to my Youtube channel. 🙂


  1. msupdate says:

    My life’s goal is now to personally build the world’s biggest Christmas tree. HAPPY NEW YEAR ROBBIN!

  2. GIJoey says:

    -looks at tags-. Im not sure if robbin knows they get arranged alphabetically LOL.

    Happy New Year to you guys~ :3

  3. GIJoey says:

    OMG wait they are on your phone!? Robbinpls im getting better and better so those videos that you spent work completing may become irrelevant soon o:


  4. GIJoey says:

    “xD haha, about those video’s I said im gonna post… nvm that. too lazy. They are on my phone, just too lazy…”

    lol sorry

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