Happy Halloween everyone!!

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Happy Halloween everyone,

Even tho Halloween isn’t that big over hear, I hope everyone is having a lot of fun walking around as a zombie, some cheerleader or just something else. I really wish it was a thing over here tho, would be so much fun getting some kids to the doors asking for candy…. expensive too now that I think of it… but oh well, all for dem kidz right? Dentists must be so happy during this time of the year knowing kids will eat a lot of candy and will soon have to pay a visit to them because they got a few cavities.

Speaking of Halloween…

Actually I don’t know what to say, I thought the rest of the post would write itself but I can’t come up with anything. Recently I have been very busy with school. Right now I am working with a few other people on a multiplayer game that will allow you to change the gravity. The goal is to get to some objective that randomly spawns in 3D space station thing you are in, and the one who gets it wins the round. So you would have to change the gravity to make sure others won’t get there before you do. We still aren’t sure about some thing, like different game modes or if we should put traps down or allow players to place those or maybe have different classes. Either way I have been busy with school but I’ll do my best to make a few posts every now and then updating on my progress…. Zach, Joey, u guys shud too 😡

  1. msupdate says:

    Yes, yes I should.

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