My characters

All my characters that I use are in Bera right now. I have used all my 15 character slots and to be honest I can’t really remember all my character’s names right now. The characters I can be found on, from most played to least played… kinda:

ChakraBoost (Chief Bandit)


SunAstro (UE Buccaneer)

Erkes (Dual Blade) ~Blacksmithing “mule”

SnailsRweak (Evan) ~Alchemist “mule”

FreedomSlam (Battle Mage)

MonkeyKidnap (Cannoneer)


VyersMidboss (Demon Slayer) 

AzureAstro (Ranger)

  1. GIJoey says:

    How do you get pictures of all your guys?


    • Nightcodex says:

      Rankings :p
      I have a whole lot more chars (15 in total) and I just deleted AzureAstro my Ranger for my Phantom, so I might need to update this page :/

      • GIJoey says:

        I want to make a Phantom..
        But I don’t becuase I want to focus on my Mercedes to getting to Level 200.

        Ohh Rankings does that? Cool! I’m putting that on my “My Chars” Page.

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